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We have relocated to Cambridgeshire!

F2 Motorcycles Ltd
290 Leverington Common
PE13 5JG

Open Tuesday to Saturday 9am to 5pm

Phone 01945 410165
Phone answered 2pm to 5pm Tuesday to Saturday

This site is owned and run by F2 Motorcycles Ltd and is designed to cover our range of universal sidecars. Other products offered by F2 Motorcycles Ltd can be found on our main site. F2 Motorcycles Ltd are the sole UK importer and distributor for these universal sidecars.

All sidecars stocked by F2 Motorcycles Ltd are supplied to fit on the left side of the motorcycle in accordance with UK law.

We offer two different ranges of sidecars.

The Simply Sidecar range consisting of the DART and SWIFT all steel sidecar. We have worked extensively with the manufacturer of both these sidecars to develop them for the UK market. They are built exclusively for us and are in no way connected with any other sidecar that may look similar. They offer excellent value if you are looking for a lower cost option for a smaller lighter motorcycle. They are not suitable for very large or powerful motorcycles. Unfortunately due to quality control issues with have temporarily stopped the production of the SWIFT and DART, however the European produced CARGO, SPORT and TOUR are excellent value for money offering build quality usually only found on much more expensive sidecars. We are therefore happy to continue to act as the UK sole importer for the Velorex UK range of sidecars.

The Velorex UK range consisting of the CARGO, SPORT and TOUR high quality sidecars. We have been involved with this manufacturer for many years and originally helped develop the current fitting kit. They are very well made and can be fitted to large motorcycles whilst still being light enough for motorcycles as small as 250cc.

All of our sidecars can be fitted to most traditional steel framed twin shock motorcycles. They are not designed to be fitted to box section frames, or frames where the engine is used as part of the frame.

All our sidecars are supplied in black only. It is almost impossible for a factory to supply a perfect match even with a paint code. However many owners have their sidecar colour matched in the UK by a reputable auto sprayer.

We offer a range of options from a basic chassis for those who wish to build their own one off special, right through to a complete sidecar supplied and fitted to your bike.

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